My hopes for this blog

I have lots that I want to accomplish with this sabbatical and business start-up. Some things that I plan to do include:

– Read through the Games for Learning greats books and write up what I learn from them

– Start up a new business that can do independent games for learning consulting, and board game / app design, and balloon twisting / clowning, and hopefully 3D printing for myself and others. And dealing with all the legal, accounting, and other things that will mean

– Prepare the house for the new baby coming this summer. This includes creating a nursery, creating an office, remodeling the master bathroom, and besides the electrical work, I hope to be able to do much of that myself (or with my wife who has been great at these projects with me in the past)

– Network with board game groups, games for learning groups, clowning/balloon twisting groups, and local Atlanta groups and share what I learn about that as I’ve never been one to sell myself naturally

– Design games – I’m joining some friends who are doing a “Game a Week” challenge to create a new game every week for as long as we last. I’ll share what I design here as well

I know that I’m well past the blogging craze and I don’t need lots of followers, I just need a journal to put my thoughts down into and knowing that there could be a few readers will hopefully motivate me to keep it active.

Thanks for reading and encouraging me,

Greg Koeser