Game Of The Week 3

So I took a week vacation from Game of the Week (which isn’t a good sign after just 2 weeks), and this week we have chosen to combine the #GameAWeek challenge with the #EasterEggJam challenge and do a Easter-themed game. This week I decided to do a training/debriefing game using the plastic Easter Eggs and Easter candy.

Debriefing Egg Hunt:

Objective: To find a question & answer pair of eggs and collect Easter egg candy points and to share debriefed learning from a shared event.

# of participants: 8 – 20

When to use this activity: After a shared experience to debrief. This could be a training class, a lecture, or after playing a different game or simulation.


– Facilitator brings in many different plastic Easter egg shells and colored post-its or index cards.

– Divide the Easter eggs by color to make 2 roughly equal types (such as blue and green together and yellow and orange together). In this example, the blue-green eggs would be question eggs and the yellow-orange eggs would be answer eggs.

Game Play:

Distribute 4 eggs to each participant- 2 question eggs and 2 answer eggs.

Have the participants think of a question & answer pair from the training class or activity. Without telling anyone else, they write down the question on one post-it and put in in the question egg and write down the answer in the answer egg. Repeat for a 2nd question and answer pair.

When everyone is complete, the facilitator collects the eggs in 2 baskets (questions in one and answers in the other) and then redistributes new eggs to every participant.

The participants need to find their 2 matches for their new question and for their new answer.

The facilitator will start the activity and the participants will get up and pair up with a random person to ask each other the question in their question egg. The pairs should discuss the correct answers to the questions (if known) and decide if they have the solution in one of the answer eggs. If there answer is found – bring the question & answer eggs back to the facilitator for the candy prize, and collect a new question or a new answer (whichever the person turned in).

Find a new partner and continue to ask your questions and search for the answers to the question. Whenever a match is found, collect your Easter candy prize (but don’t eat it yet until after the scoring tally).

After 5 minutes, the facilitator blows a whistle to signal an end to the game. You can tally up the Easter candy for a winner, distribute the rest of the candy, talk about what question-answer pairs were exceptionally hard to connect and some of the best questions – answer pairs with the entire group.