About SAS Games

Short Attention Span Games, LLC was founded in 2014 to provide entertainment and game-based learning for corporations, conferences, and events. Founded by Greg Koeser, Short Attention Span Games draws from 20 years of balloon, juggling, and magic entertainment experience, 16 years of corporate education experience, and 15 years of game-design experience to bring about some magical experiences.

The name comes from the idea that games shouldn’t be a hurdle to get involved. The games we create are intuitive and described in a few sentences with perhaps a player aide to go through the basics of the games.

Who is Greg Koeser?

Greg Koeser is a designer of board games and training games. He was a senior training consultant at GP Strategies for over 16 years helping design and direct corporate learning solutions. He has helped with the implementation of over 40 “go-live” events of technology for Fortune 500 companies mostly with SAP and Peoplesoft. He has served as the chair of the North American Simulation and Gaming Associate (NASAGA). He founded Short Attention Span Games, LLC in May 2014 to work full-time on games for learning.

Why hire Short Attention Span Games?

Hire Short Attention Span Games for high quality balloon twisting and entertainment for your corporate event, wedding or party.

Hire Short Attention Span Games for a project kick-off to run a series of games and debrief to make the process work. Or for project evaluations and reflections. For project team building or conference events.

Friends and Inspiration for Short Attention Span Games:

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