Greg Koeser’s Resume

Greg has been an undercover clown all of his life — sharing his skills to bring happiness, cheer and thoughtful understanding.

Some of Greg’s time has been in the corporate world where Greg shared his skill-sets as a corporate trainer, instructional designer, project manager, and change manager to various companies like Delta Airlines, General Electric, Coca-Cola, and Johnson and Johnson as they went through large changes with SAP or Oracle. Greg did this mainly while working as a training engineer for GP Strategies for 16+ years, as he helped over 40 companies through over 60+ “Go-Live” events. Through all his corporate time, Greg is still an undercover clown bringing happiness and thoughtful understanding through the companies changes.

Some of Greg’s time has been as a game designer and game evangelist. Greg is very good at designing games to fit a certain culture or players, or identifying the correct already published game for that group. Greg’s library of games is in the hundreds and he has explored and experienced thousands of games that he love to introduce others to.  The word “games” means so many different things to different people, but to Greg it means everything from card games, boardgames, improv games, casual computer games, heavy computer games, simulations, 30 second jolts, to 3 day simulations. Greg was the chairman of the board of directors for 3 years for NASAGA (North American Simulations and Games Association) and loves that organization and how they use all sorts of games for learning. Through Greg’s games for learning, game facilitating and debriefing, and game design time, Greg shares his joys with others and wishes to bring happiness and thoughtful understanding.

Some of Greg’s time has been as an actual clown – whether in white face paint or not, Greg has shared his juggling and juggling props, balloon twisting, close-up magic, puppetry, dancing, music, acrobatic, balancing, acting and comedy skills to entertain all ages from kids to adults. Greg has been entertaining others all his life and adding to his skill-set as often as he can. From his first paid entertaining job (as a Power Ranger performer), to his years at the University of Maryland Gymkana troupe, to his swing dance instruction, to his corporate balloon decoration, and children party entertainment, Greg shares happiness, cheer and thoughtful understanding to those he meets.

Greg was a straight-A student valedictorian, got his degree in chemical engineering, and has accomplished many of his life goals, but is currently finding his joy by being a loving husband to the wonderful Rebecca Lynne Sutton Koeser, and being the best father he can be and a stay-at-home dad to his boy, Caspian Zwemer Koeser. Caspian currently is providing Greg with happiness, cheer and thoughtful understanding.